What We Fund

What We Do Not Fund

The urgency of dealing with unsustainable consumption, the climate crisis, and their consequential impacts to our natural systems are the overall themes for the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation. The complexity surrounding the impacts of climate change and scaling of our collective mitigation efforts are primary concerns.

We work primarily on international-level issues. When they support international learning tools and resources for meaningful action, we engage with a few national and place-based local projects.

We favor projects that:

  • consider all life equally important
  • use a systems approach to address root causes and achieve change
  • take stock of and tell the truth about the scale, complexity, and urgency of dealing with environmental problems
  • are based on original thinking, creative ideas, and experimentation
  • alter power dynamics related to decision-making and influence
  • have international significance and perspective, even if they are locally based

Our typical grantees are small or midsize organizations with demonstrated leadership in developing specialized strategies, communicating their vision, and effective project performance. 

Applications are by invitation only. Currently, we only engage with projects that fall within one of the following four themes:

Cultural Resilience and Global Leadership under the Conditions of Environmental Breakdown

  • Development of systems-level responses to ecological, economic, and social stresses/destabilization/collapse
  • Furtherance of research related to our psychological and social capacities for dealing with serious climate change, tipping points, and the collapse of natural systems
  • Exploration of sociocultural transformations and strategic planning frameworks that can enhance mitigation under the conditions of environmental breakdown
  • Development of leadership tools and practices that can be widely and rapidly adopted under the conditions of environmental breakdown
Infrastructure and Communications Support to the Climate Movement 
  • Support of young advocates to become future movement leaders
  • Network-building, coordination, and knowledge sharing across disciplines and movements
  • Tools to ensure the widest public communication and understanding of climate science
Petrochemicals and Climate 
  • Analysis of data and auditing of life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions originating from the production of petrochemicals and the manufacturing of products from them
The Need for Governance of Climate Geoengineering 
In addition, the foundation has a number of ongoing multiyear grants that relate to the urgent need for governance and legal frameworks related to research and deployment of climate geoengineering.

Your questions and concerns are important to us. If you have reviewed “What We Fund” and “Applying for Funding” and you still have questions, please email or call 212-812-4271. Please note we cannot respond to commercial solicitations or to funding inquiries that clearly fall outside the foundation’s stated program areas. 

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