Guidelines for Submitting Reports

Applicants who have received funding from the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation are required to file a grant report. This allows us to be better informed in our own grantmaking process.

A) Report how funds were used, signed by your institution. Please also attach the original submitted budget for the entire project and justification for differences.

B) Reports should include clear responses to questions below (each limited to a single paragraph):

  1. Specifically and as quantitatively as possible, define what impact the  grant had in the field. Cite evidence of success for the project. What changes would have increased the impact?
  2. Which of the aspects of your proposal worked, and which did you find necessary to change in order to make the project most effective?
  3. Do you intend to continue this project? If so, what plans do you have for doing so? How do you intend to fund it?
  4. Did the priorities of your organization change in any way due to your experience with this project?
  5. Will future proposals or projects be changed by what you have learned from this experience, and how?

Please submit this report by email to before the deadline indicated in the original grant letter. We request that anything that cannot be sent electronically should be mailed double-sided in order to save paper.

Reports should not exceed four single-spaced pages plus budget information. Please do not include hyperlinks. If necessary, we prefer reference to a URL. Additional supporting material may be provided, as long as it is brief and to the point. We also appreciate receiving publications, press releases, or articles about your work as they are produced.

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