Guidelines for Submitting Letters of Inquiry

All applicants must have a US 501(c)(3) certification and audited financial statements. In certain cases, the foundation will accept a fiscal agent ready to take full financial responsibility for a project. Do not apply if you or your fiscal agent do not have 501(c)(3) status or audited financial statements. Be sure to scroll down on the vertical bar on the right side of this screen to read all of the application requirements listed below.

The two-page Letter of Inquiry must include the following:

  1. Organization name, project title, a contact name, mailing address, telephone, fax, e-mail, and website address
  2. A 100-word abstract of the proposal (what is this about, why is this important)
  3. A description of the project: Background, Specific objectives, Approach, and Anticipated results with appropriate citations of scholarly literature, reports, and case studies to justify any assumptions. Please do not include hyperlinks. If necessary, we prefer reference to a URL.

List of references cited are outside of the page limit. References (full copies of papers, reports, press mentions, case studies cited, list of members, etc.) should be available as PDFs on request.

In addition, please include (maximum of 3 pages total):

  1. A simple line item budget, with projected budget for the whole organization and for the specific project
  2. A complete list of secured and potential funding sources for the organization and project (grants received, requests pending, planned proposal submissions, earned income, etc.)
  3. A copy of the applicant or fiscal sponsor's 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS. PLEASE NOTE: If the applicant is a 501(c)(3) but will not be able to provide recent Audited Financials, a fiscal sponsor should be used. Contact a foundation staff member for guidance and/or a copy of the required fiscal sponsor agreement.

No additional materials or information should be included.
Please adhere to the page limits as described.
Please forward the LOI as one document in Letter paper format (8.5 x11") with minimum margins of 0.8 inches using no less than 11 point font to The 501(c)(3) letter may be a separate file attached to the same email. Document file names and email subject lines should include the name of your organization. Do not forward to individual staff members.

LOIs that do not follow this format will not be considered.


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