Guidelines for Submitting Full Proposals

Full proposals should be submitted only upon express invitation by VKRF. An invitation to submit a full proposal does not guarantee funding. Proposals should be direct and concise and must include the following:

One PDF file containing the below information (1-13). The main proposal text (1-9) must not be longer than five pages:

  1. Name of the organization and title of the project.
  2. A description of the organization, its mission, and goals.
  3. A clear statement of the need or problem being addressed.
  4. The project’s goals and a clear plan to achieve them.
  5. The expected results and a description of how the results will be measured.
  6. A quantitative assessment of the potential impact of the work.
  7. The project’s timeline.
  8. The amount requested  (just the total number).
  9. Full contact information, including regular mailing address where successful applicants can receive payments.
  10. A detailed line item budget for the project for which funding is sought, including other funding sources already identified.
  11. A one-page general budget for the organization, including list of principal funding sources.
  12. A list of directors and officers.
  13. Brief bios of key personnel involved in the project.

As separate documents:

14. A  Word document with a 150-200 word summary of the five page proposal (1-7 only), including key info on your organization, a short description of the project, and why this is important.
15. A copy of an IRS letter certifying 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
16. A copy of the last audited financial statements for the organization (must be from 2014 or 2015). If the organization cannot provide recent audited financials, a fiscal sponsor must be identified.
17. A copy of the latest Form 990 tax return (must be from 2014 or 2015).

If the applicant intends to use a fiscal sponsor: please contact the VKRF office immediately to ask for a copy of a contract that all fiscal sponsors must sign.

The proposal should be in Letter paper format (8.5 x11") with minimum margins of 0.8 inches using no less than 11 point font. Please do not include hyperlinks. If necessary, we prefer reference to a URL. The name of the applicant should be included in all document file names.

Proposals must be submitted via e-mail only to
Please contact VKRF if confirmation of receipt has not been received the day after deadline.